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At Patch Counseling…

We are here to guide and support you through the process of change.

The core concepts we value are: compassion, collaboration and creativity.

We aim to provide a compassionate and non-judgmental place for you to explore the changes you would like to make by meeting you where you are along your life’s path.

We will collaborate with you in identifying several ways to achieve the outcome you desire, and we are always open to feedback because it is YOUR therapy experience after all.

Therapy isn’t one size fits most; at the root, we are creative problem solvers. We use creativity to structure therapy for you, while remaining flexible if we need to make adjustments along the way to ensure your success.

About Allison

I started my journey giving back as a community arts teacher in San Francisco. I spent one summer in El Salvador with a group of artists and teachers helping a community with mural renovation and creating a community center for members to gather and socialize. While in El Salvador, I saw the healing power of the arts and for the first time heard about art therapy. This experience is what led me to grad school to become a therapist. I graduated from Loyola Marymount University with my MA in Marital and Family Therapy with a Specialization in Art Therapy. Since obtaining my degree, I’ve continued to give back by providing therapy in Mexico, working with at-risk youth in Los Angeles and now I’m the Education Chair for San Diego’s Chapter of Marriage and Family Therapists.  

My approach to therapy is compassionate. I’m a human too and understand pain. I just happen to have training and experience in helping others gain understanding of their suffering and in providing tools to cope with their pain. I work collaboratively with my clients, so they can take ownership of their emotions, relationships and experiences. I empower them to make choices that are in line with their values, so they can live the life they desire. As an art therapist, I’m innately creative and have the ability to integrate visual art mediums to enrich the therapeutic process. To learn more about art therapy click here. I also use yoga and mindfulness practices to stop the dwelling and “future trippin”.


Our Therapists


Allison Patch, LMFT, ATR; Owner of Patch Counseling

Licensed Marriage + Family Therapist #95402
Registered Art Therapist


Have questions about therapy or working together?

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