Patch Counseling


San Diego, CA

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You’ve been working hard because that’s what you were told to do.

It’s what gets you noticed, and it feels good to be praised for all of your accomplishments. But lately, everything seems overwhelming and responsibilities are starting to be pushed to the side. Stress is starting to take over. You’re irritable or tearful and social engagements are being avoided. Your relationships aren’t being tended to and your emotional and physical health are no longer a priority.

You are barely beginning your journey and you are already burned out.


At Patch Counseling, we empower women from teens to adulthood.

We help by providing a non-judgmental, collaborative place to learn how to balance responsibilities, establish a voice and gain self-acceptance.

Our approach combines mindfulness and practical skills, such as time management and self-care to decrease symptoms associated with burn out. This is the time to learn how to gain self-compassion while maintaining motivation towards goals, so you can be the best version of yourself as you move through life.






We can help you.

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